December 1, 2015

Today's Story Highlight: The Sense (scents) of Christmas by Rolf

Today's Music: Carols for Christmas Day - Winchester Cathedral - 2010

Today's Decorations: 

Today's Activites: The Rolf and Ranger Crossword Puzzle by @AndaMitchy of the Falls Chance Ranch Forum.
  1. Puzzle answers can be found by reading the Rolf and Ranger Christmas stories.  
  2. The key to the puzzle is in the top left hand corner of the shape of a key.  

The short, ancient and true tale of the Brat in a Hat.  

One December Day long ago a top and brat were shopping at their local mall.  The dear brat spotting an Elf on the Shelf, suggested one would look quite nice on the mantle in he and the top's house.  The top, landing a swat on his brat's rump, remarked he already had one naughty creature roaming the halls at night without permission he didn't need two.  And thus in all those homes that have been so cruelly denied an Elf on the Shelf now roams a Brat in a Hat. 

Today's Brat in a Hat is hiding somewhere on one of the six front Rolf and Ranger Story pages:

Rolf and Ranger
FCR - Book 1
Three Traders - Book 2
Mustang Hill - Book 3
Silver Bullet - Book 4 
FCR Extras


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