December 8, 2015

Today's Story Highlight: Christmas Cheer by Rolf

Paul's Delight: Panzanella submitted by Ranger

Today's Music:

Today's Activities: Decorate a Christmas Tree

Dale Snark at the Falls Chance Forum -- We all know that Dale has a knack for submitting his snarkiness in multitude of languages.


“Quod Flynn locuta est. Causa finita est.”

"Futue te et ipsum caballum."


  1.  I will suggest a snarky phrase and translate it into a different language.
      • Example: "Ingen sætter Dale i hjørnet !"
  2. You figure out the snarky phrase --
      • Answer: "Nobody puts Dale in the corner!"
    • You can get extra cowboy points for naming the language --
      • Answer: Danish
    • If there is a popular cultural reference for the snark, share what that is and Paul might give you a bit of smile for your cleverness before he takes you upstairs for a discussion with the hairbrush.
      • Answer: "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Dirty Dancing
  3. Post a snark of your own to be translated on the thread at the Falls Chance Forum.
Today's Brat in a Hat

Write 500 words on why you had no business watching Elf at 3:30 in the morning or colour...

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