December 10, 2016

They had two snowmen, both over six foot tall, and both rapidly developing more and more complicated facial and physical characteristics when Dale heard the sound of a horse picking over the snow and looked up, realising the pink sky was rapidly turning an ominous yellow grey and Flynn was leaning on one elbow on his saddle bow, watching them from under the brow of his Stetson. Riley turned to see what he was looking at, and winced. Flynn tipped the brow of his hat back.

“Would you two know what time it is?”

“I name this snowman,” Riley said, turning back to his snowman. “Bartholomew Oliver Shenanigans. Dale?”

Dale glanced at his watch, unable to help it.

“.......ten to five?”

“Lousy name.” Riley informed him. “I name yours Ignoramus Moveus Maximus so the poor bastard’s got some choice. We had to be back by five, we’re not that far from home and we’re not late, Flynn.”

“Look that way.” Flynn suggested, nodding towards the horizon. Riley looked up hill and Dale followed his gaze. The clouds were so low that way that they were impossible to separate them from the snowy ground.

“Oh.” Riley said less cheerfully.

“That’s right. Oh.” Flynn turned Leo, helping him pick his way over the snow. “That’s a snow storm and it’s not far away. Move your maximus right now.”  

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