December 19, 2016

“It’s so beautiful here.” Paul said impulsively. Philip nodded, giving him a quiet smile.

“Yes. It is. Although you must get homesick, this is very different to the sea.”

“Not really.” Paul said honestly. “I knew for a few years it would be nice while it lasted and then it would end. I couldn’t run the boarding house on my own and I wouldn’t want to. I made my plans and I found ways to get in touch with people like Charles. Work where I wouldn’t have to watch my back. Be around people I didn’t have to be careful with.”

Like Bear and like Gerry, who gave themselves away within a few words or movements. Neither of them could have hidden in a straight world successfully as David or Roger easily could. Slightly annoyed with himself for blurting out something so personal and not sure why he’d shared it, Paul straightened up.

“Is there anything you need? I can make you some coffee if you’d like?”

“When did you lose your grandmother?” Philip asked gently.

“A while ago.” Paul said in a cheerful tone that made it clear this wasn’t ground they were discussing. Philip inclined his head.

“I can see she’s in your mind all the time when you’re working.”

“Cowboys and fishermen.” Paul said wryly. “I think they have more in common than I’d realised.”

Today's Highlight Story: Keeper's Yard  by Rolf and Ranger

Today's Good Thing:

Today's Activities:

  • Cryptogram #12
  • Help an Elderly person put up their Christmas lights
  • Make sure the Elderly you know are safe for winter when you take them a treat
  • Snowman Oreo Pops

Trivia Game #1 Answers

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